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Events in Vancouver

  1. Intrinsic Genius with Meghan Currie

    In this weekend workshop we will take a powerful dynamic journey that will help you to recognize and experience the Intrinsic genius that you are. To explore and remember the magic that Life is and to tap into inner abundant resources to unlock potentials and powers waiting to be mobilized. To Access the full richness of our individual intrinsic genius that is orchestrated through every moment. Each class will take us a layer deeper into the vast richness of life that we a have access to through the miracle of our bodies. From Gross to subtle we will explore the ancient knowledge of the energy mechanics of the body, in a comprehensive way, weaving in metaphor, Philosophy and science.

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  2. Hipliscious with RADical Vibrations

    Chris Duggan will guide you on a creative journey of exploration all around your hips. The first part of the tour will be movement - from funky sun salutations, to partner work, and some wall play. Then Chris will guide you through a Yin trip, as the "RADical Vibrations" of Daniel Shaw and Adam McCoy accompany him with mystical sound healing, From didgeridoos, to drumming, to vocals, harmonium and flute...They will take you on a musical journey.

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