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Events in Vancouver

  1. Yoga and Conversations over Coffee with Kent Brun

    When was the last time you stopped to have a conversation about the practice, power and potential of yoga? This is a community oriented event that will look to reintroduce the lost tradition of 'Satsang', the practice of 'sitting with truth.' Each 2-hour session will include a physical practice of asana followed by a short lecture and community conversations lead by Kent Brun... of course to fuel the discussion there will be delicious coffee provided by our community partner Millano Coffee Roasters. Following the event the lecture and discussion portion will be released as an episode of The Kent Brun Podcast: Professionals Talking Yoga.

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  2. Eddie Modestini & Kristin Bosteels at OYFTP

    Join Eddie Modestini and Kristin Bosteels for a week of self-inquiry, self-discovery and self-healing. Eddie and Kristin will cover many new variations of familiar postures and lead you into an experience of alleviating the pain that plagues you in your life and your yoga practice. Watch the yoga do its work on you as you develop a deep awareness of the challenges arising in your practice, acknowledging those challenges and developing the tools through reflection in the postures to find freedom from the afflictions in your life.

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  3. Yin. The Way In. a Teacher Training Intensive with Jolene Bayda

    An exploration and excavation of your infinite self while distinguishing “the yin” from within the poses in a deeply meditative approach to a still & quiet asana practice. Let’s become reacquainted with the intention of an intimate practice and learn the backbone of this inclusive practice; examining the structure of the yin poses, learning their specific benefits and a multitude of variations for each. Let’s take a look at how to weave together a conscious sequence of poses to create a seamless practice.

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