Deeper Dimensions of Yoga & Integrations

Deeper Dimensions of Yoga & Integrations


Yoga has become too generic a word nowadays to define its original depth. Arkaya (light, healing, inspiration) Yoga is a step by step methodology to experience this depth.

Discover what Patanjali as well as traditional masters had to say about asana, pranayama, mudra and all the tools and principles in yoga. We try to not only intellectually understand these principles, but realize and embody them, so they become real for you. This realness, authenticity, and Self-realization can be accessed by first understanding, and then aligning the different dimensions we exist in. Learn about these different personal and universal dimensions and how their misalignment can cause disease and suffering on a physical, emotional and mental level.

Through realignment we can heal as well as embrace our full glory.

Investment for this event is based on a sliding scale of $35-$50. 

For details on the Arkaya Self Awareness Teacher Training 2018 please visit:
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    sliding scale: $35-$50+gst
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