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Conscious Awareness: a Living Meditation Workshop with Troy Turi

Unlearn being attached to Thoughts.
Unlearn being attached to Things.
Consciousness arises.

By far the most important aspect of the practice of yoga- the Conscious Awareness - is the least understood aspect of the living-Practice. Bringing single-pointed focus to this least understood and most important aspect of yoga practice leads us to success in both our life and in yoga. Which are actually the same thing.

Awareness itself needn't be an unusual aberration or an epihany - it is actually the essence of your Being You. The final three limbs in the sutras of Patanjali point to this truth. Troy integrates awareness with the practice of yoga in a way that offers a foundation to enable your future Self to know how to find peace in all moments - no matter what situation arises both on and off the mat.

The workshop includes:
-Gestalt exercises oriented towards helping someone define 'truth pointers'.
-Gentle Yoga to rebalance and make it easier to absorb the teachings.

Troy Turi is a yoga teacher who hosts retreats and workshops throughout the world. He is former gestalt therapist who has worked in prisons with violent offenders and now travels internationally teaching breath as the cornerstone of personal change.

Sunday October 29th 2pm to 6pm $40 (enquire about sliding scale options if needed)

From the latest offering in September:
"I can honestly say that all of the nonsense that has lingered in me for quite some time has gone. It came to me over the three days that there is nothing that is distracting me from living fully in the present moment. I sort of knew this a few months ago but this experience brought everything together for me."- Jennifer Clark

"At the end of the day; it came down to your communication skills and accessibility. The variety of exercises and examples reinforcing the information relatably.
I am always in favour of breath practice and mantras before other activities. It's grounding, and allows my mind to become much clearer."-Paul Robinson