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LET LIGHT RULE with Suzanne Slocum-Gori

Light heals and expands. Invite in the light to heal hearts and grow minds. It takes a great deal of stability and strength to maintain an inner flame. The inner flame organically embodies wisdom, passion and direction. This wisdom allows us to focus our attention on dissolving the deeply rooted patterns of mind and behaviour which don’t serve ourselves nor those around us. Join Suzanne within a set of practices aimed at cultivating nourishment in the body, mind and heart.

Friday JULY 21ST



Free the Heart - Inversions: Explore the edges of the back body and cave of the heart. Switch perspective through a variety of inversions. Invite spaciousness. Align the physical and subtle bodies through restorative postures, pranayama, mantra and meditation.

Saturday JULY 22ND



Home Sweet Home - Standing Poses: Home is a space which feeds us stability nourishment and vitality. Journey into the home of the body by exploring the hips and legs, including standing twists, binds and balance postures. Revel in the depths of your abode through pranayama, mantra and meditation practices.

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