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Practicing from Inside

Quiet Power & A Calm Mind
Nov 4th - 1:30 - 4 pm - $30
An afternoon yoga workshop exploring the conversation of subtle strength & dynamic stillness through the language of the nervous system. Practice will include an exploration of biotensegrity & techniques for maintaining soft tissue health as a way of listening to the subtle body. Sarah will share a Zen calligraphy meditation to finish the afternoon workshop.

Class will include: Sitting, Pranayama, Asana, Somatic Movement, Dialogue, Rest.


Dynamic Stillness - Opposites Unite

Nov 5th - 1:30 - 4 pm - $30

Inspired by the gifts of silence and enriched by text study & yogic-lore, we will flow through a timeless practice weaving silence, sound, dynamic movement & rest. This practice will emphasize the energetic waves of prana & apana and invite an experiential relationship between opposites in the human form. All bodies welcome. This workshop will explore inversions, hand balancing & backbends with an approach that holds space for all bodies to be themselves.

Class will include: Asana, Pranayama, Mantra, Sitting & Rest.

*Join both sessions for $50


Sarah Manwaring-Jones

Sarah integrates the powers of embodiment, silence & creativity as a way to encourage individuals to source from within to find meaning & nourishment in their lives.  Sarah’s is grateful for many years of practice & human-ness with her main influences Gioia Irwin, Orit Sen Gupta, Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor.  She weaves the philosophical roots of ashtanga yoga with the subtle internal explorations of Vijnana Yoga.  

‘For me, yoga is a living art. A creative expression. A cellular collage of experience. A process which continually surprises me with the biases of my perception, the edges of my existence. Over and over again, yoga reminds me to let go into infinity.’

Sarah MJ


For more information on Sarah's background and teaching check out her Website 




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