Practicing From Inside

Practicing From Inside

with Sarah Manwaring-Jones
Sarah integrates the powers of embodiment, silence, nature & creativity as a way to encourage individuals to source from within to find meaning & nourishment in their yoga & their lives. Sarah’s is grateful for many years of practice & human-ness with her main influences Gioia Irwin, Orit Sen Gupta, Richard Freeman & Mary Taylor. In addition, she recently sat on retreat titled,’Life, Death & Freedom’, with Roshi Joan Halifax & Frank Ostaseski. She weaves the philosophical roots of Zen & Ashtanga yoga with the subtle internal embodiments of Vijnana Yoga. As a dedicated student of yoga for over 15 years, Sarah shares weekly classes & local workshops and leads silent forest retreats near her family’s home in Squamish, BC.
‘For me, yoga is a living art. A creative expression. A timeless tradition. A cellular collage of experience. An intimacy with one’s self & the world. Yoga is a process which continually surprises me with the biases of my perception & the edges of my existence. Over and over again, yoga reminds me to let go into infinity.’ Sarah
investment: $30 for 1 session or $50 for both
Saturday 1:30-4pm: Quiet Power & A Calm Mind 

An afternoon yoga workshop exploring the conversation of subtle strength & dynamic stillness through the language of the nervous system. Practice will utilize the lens of biotensegrity as a vehicle for strengthening the midline connection & listening to the subtle body. Vayu breathing practices, seated asana for happy hips & a closing inversion will create the landing pad & the frame. Guided Yoga Nidra relaxation to close.

Note: This class will offer a supported inversion (Viparitta Karani) or Shoulderstand (Sarvangasana) as a closing posture. Please know that even if active inversions are not for you, you are more than welcome and you will feel supported to choose a closing posture suitable for you.
Sunday 1:30-4pm: The Wisdom Of Play

Inspired by the gifts of silence and enriched by text study & yogic-lore, we will flow through a timeless practice weaving silence, sound, dynamic movement & rest. Come expecting a precise yet spacious offering, which emphasizes a theme of playful simplicity, even amidst complex asana. This workshop will explore inversions, hand balancing & backbends with an approach that holds space for all bodies to be themselves. Guided relaxation & meditation will be included in the session.
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    $50+gst/2 sessions
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