20 Hr Rocket Immersion

20 Hr Rocket Immersion

20 Hour Rocket Immersion
with Risto Duggan
Sat & Sun
Feb 2 -24
Early bird $350 by January 1st ....... $400 after
This Immersion will be perfect for Vinyasa Yoga Teachers who would like to add a Rocket sequence to their Power Yoga classes!
Rocket Yoga is an Ashtanga based practice that adds some arm balances and inversions into a set sequence, that was created by Larry Schultz in the 90’s.
The sequence allows advanced practitioners to train with beginners as the advanced poses are all optional!
Geoff Mackenzie will begin the training by going over the Ashtanga Primary Series.
Primary series is the origin of the Rocket, and Geoff ( owner of Mysore B.C. ) will be the perfect guide!
Then Risto will teach Rocket #1 and Rocket #2.
Dustin Fruson ( Risto’s Rocket Teacher ) helped condense the 2 hr. Rocket Practices to a 60, 75, and 90 version that is more accessible to the regular vinyasa classes.
So the teachers will then teach each other these beautiful sequences!
Risto has been teaching Rocket for a few years now. This clever well rounded practice, builds strength, is challenging, playful, and incredibly healing.
Risto is very honoured to be able to pass this sequence on, and be the catalyst to have more Rocket classes in Vancouver!
Must have 200 hour Vinyasa Teacher Training


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    Early bird $350 by January 1st ....... $400 after
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