Yoga on the Inside

Yoga on the Inside

Yoga on the Inside
with Eddie Modestini & Kristin Bosteels
March 25 - 30
7:00am-9:00 & 1:30pm - 3:30pm
$600/week $70/drop in
Join Eddie and Kristin for a week full of self-exploration. Yoga is the path to freedom and a path to the self. Each time you practice, you are giving yourself the opportunity to heal, to look deeper within, to go inside and to explore your personality and what is going on in your body. We all have congestion in the body which leads to congestion in the mind. Over the course of the week Eddie and Kristin will guide you through several practices that can lead you closer to stillness and stability of body and mind. Their approach is to teach individuals within a class setting so that you can leave with some insight as to what would be good for you to practice at home.

This is an all levels workshop!

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    $600/week $70/drop-in
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