Yoga Ritual

Yoga Ritual

Yoga Ritual
in and through the body
with Shelley Tomczyk
Saturday April 27
There are many pathways of transformation.
One is Sacred Ritual. Ritual in the yoga tradition can be used as a doorway to invite positive influences into your personal life as well as removing obstacles.
This strong asana/pranayama workshop will ignite and heat the body in preparation for ritual practices including: Divining your own flavour of magic in creating a personal puja and invoking the pujas’ already in our company at One Yoga.
We will tune into the Five Great
Elements, the Nine Planets (with particular interest in Saturn on Saturday) Drala, Mantra,Yantra, Mudra and more.

Bring a journal, a sacred object and a substance to make an offering such as flowers, incense, candle, bells/chimes, mala beads or edibles (such as ghee, honey, nuts, dried fruit, cacao) for Prasad.

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